What’s Better than Buying a Brand New Home?

In America we have been conditioned that a house must be built on a permanent foundation and must never be moved. I'm not speaking of mobile or manufactured housing, I'm talking about "stick-built homes." Yes, regular homes built as well as (or better) than most homes on a permanent foundation. The only difference is…they can be moved.


So if you don't like where the house sits or you want to live in a more expensive or inexpensive area, just have it moved. And here’s the best part: it's affordable. The fee to move a home under 1600 sq. ft. is between $1000 and$2000 USD.


Let’s say you finally found the house of your dreams, but you envision it on a beautiful hillside, or on the ocean, or in the city. Great - you have options! At Heaven Valley Belize we give you just that – options. We have a variety of custom homes made of unique local hardwoods with state of the art appliances and amenities. They are modern, spacious and beautiful. And best of all, they are completely move-able. You've spent most of your life with people telling you what you can and cannot do, so now it's time to do what you want to do. It's called...options. Buy, or lease. Finance, or pay cash. Live in it, or just invest in it and make rental income. We have 90+ acres of beautiful lots waiting for you to explore your options. 

Three Things I’ve Learned from my Years of Purchasing Foreign Real Estate

Throughout my many years of dealing with offshore real estate investing, I've seen it all and I've been through it all. I've had some home runs and I've struck out. However, there are always three things that either gave me amazing success or devastating failure. Three reasons that determine my financial and emotional future. Here they are…

1   Why? Why? And Why?

Just like in our own country, it matters where we buy, whether it's land, a house, an apartment or even commercial. Not just where we buy in the foreign country of your choice or what country we buy in, but "why" we buy is even more important. Many people buy for the wrong reason, or they buy thinking that it's the perfect country and the perfect location.

“It's the beach! It's the forest! It's the quaint little town! Wow!”

But when the honeymoon wears off, buyer’s remorse sets in. That perfect buy becomes a dreadful mistake. But why? Why did the purchase suddenly turn bad?

There are many reasons but there seems to be one common thread woven throughout the unhappy buyers’ experience. Remorseful buyers don't know the simple "why" they bought their offshore real estate. They thought they knew but they never really thought it out. Kind of like meeting that special someone, falling in love "overnight", marrying them the next morning and then finding out "they're not what I thought after all."

2.     How To Buy

 This is another mistake many buyers make when purchasing home or land overseas. They pay cash. Yes. They are "all in" head first. Buyers seem to leave most of their common sense at the border and think they cannot enjoy the same benefits buying real estate in their new country as they could in their mother land. This is a mistake. Try not to pay cash and watch your terms.

3.     What you buy

Ok. What you buy really comes down to why you buy but after you discover the "why" you need to get to the "what." For instance, do you want to live there full time, part time, or just a few weeks out of the year? Do you want income property or just a place to escape to? Maybe you want just an investment and you really don't plan on using it too much?

Answering these three questions can save you a fortune and even increase your fortune. It can save you nights of sleepless hours and days of wasted time.

If you would like to purchase a beautiful home or land and take advantage of our exclusive "try before you buy program" just give us a call. If you do buy, financing is available and credit is not an issue.  Welcome to the ease of Heaven Valley Belize.

See you in Heaven!

On the Ark or the Titanic?

Are you on The Ark

...Or the Titanic?


As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark.

Matthew 24:37-38


Whether or not a person believes Holy Scriptures, I think it's clear this world (well, let's be specific: America and most developed nations) have gone...HAYWIRE. Good has become “bad” and bad is now the norm for “good.” And no one seems to care. Except you. You feel in your spirit something is just not right. You don't trust the government; churches are mostly dead and the economy is bankrupt, yet people are "drinking free Bubble-Up and eating rainbow stew." You feel something could burst any minute and you want to do something to protect your family and your wealth. Here's my question to you.


What ship are you on?

The ship that will float? Or the one that ...sinks?

As the Titanic made her maiden voyage no one thought she could ever sink. Sound like a country you know? Too big to fail? Too arrogant to be humble and give thanks for what she has? This is what happens when a debtor nation finally hits the iceberg. The whole thing just sinks...and it sinks fast.

When the nation goes down will you have a lifeboat? Or will you just stare in shock as you try to swim but just…drown.


Or will you make plans now to get off the doomed ship and step onto the "ark"?

Time is short. No more "pondering the issue." Act now by purchasing offshore real estate which gives you an "exit strategy" for you and your loved ones (and your money).

Here at Heaven Valley Belize we can have you invested in offshore real estate in the next 48 hours. You don't even need to leave your city. Just call or email. It's safe. It's legal and it's easy. And best yet, you can live within a community of like-minded people.

You can purchase a custom home, 1- 98 acres of luscious tropical land or a ¼ or ½ acre lot. Or you can "try before you buy." Yes, you may lease for just a small monthly fee. Financing is available, so act now.

Contact us now, before you see water entering…your cabin.



Daddy Dollar

When my kids were small I would reward them with a Daddy Dollar. This was a little paper I cut up to look like a US Dollar. When they obeyed or did something over and above, I would give them this dollar. When they wanted to cash in they handed it to me and I would give them an ice cream or candy or anything else they wanted. However, as they began to grow older they no longer wanted my Daddy Dollar. Why? Because they said it wasn't real! What they meant was that they could not walk into any store or ice cream parlor and buy an item (at least not without me!) You see, the Daddy Dollar was valuable only if it went through me. They had to exchange their Daddy Dollar for my US Dollar, hand it to the store clerk and ...Shazam! They got their treat!  But as they grew, the day of the Daddy Dollar was over.


Apparently, the majority of US citizens aren't as smart as my children (or they have yet to grow up into an understanding) because the USD is really no more valuable than the Daddy Dollar! Actually, the Daddy Dollar is more valuable than the USD! Why? Because at least the Daddy Dollar is backed by the good faith of Daddy - me! I would never default on my children because I love them and want nothing but the best for them. Unfortunately I don't feel the Federal Reserve has the same love or interest (devotion) in their heart for the citizens of the United States. They have printed so many Federal daddy bucks that when they do hand you a dollar it has little value and what's even worse is the fact the USD is not backed by anything except the good faith of the United States government. Understand that the dollar used to simply be a note, an IOU stating that the US will give you an ounce of gold or a portion thereof for each note, or paper dollar bill. However, in 1971 President Nixon took us off the "gold standard," giving the Federal Reserve the ability to just print money! So, how valuable is the USD? Not very! And it is set up for the biggest crash in history.  However, the things that it can still buy are valuable...and what are those things?

1. Gold and silver

2. Real estate and land

3. Cattle and farms

4. Machinery that will assist in producing food and amenities

5. Guns and ammo


Ok. So what are the three things above that will absolutely not only hold value but increase in value and maintain survival? Of course, gold and silver will increase but if there are no buyers for it, how will it accommodate you? Guns and ammo are important too but what will you do with them if you’re starving and homeless?

Now we come to real estate, land and machinery. These three things are the most important in not only riding out the crash of the dollar but prospering while it does crash! Why? It gives you a place to live, produce food, build and create amenities while others are trying to squeeze food and water out of there 4000 sq. ft. mega-mansion on a postage-stamp lot in midtown Suburbia, in North America.


Now we come to the most important part of this equation, it's important where you buy land. Understand that having a nice comfortable room aboard the titanic is great but you’re still going down with the ship. It's time to build that room on a smaller lifeboat so that when the ship sinks, you and your loved ones don't go down with it.


Belize, the small coastal Caribbean country of 350,000 located north of Honduras, south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. It's English-speaking, safe and operates under English law. It has solid banking and you can still live a good quality life- affordably!


Heaven Valley Belize

One hundred acres of beautiful paradise waiting for you! Build a house or buy one of our new homes; buy land and have a gentleman’s ranch with animals and gardens. And all without the need of having to be there full-time if you choose because we will take care of things for you.



Cows, Corrals & Conditioning

As I sit on my deck gazing out on a herd of cattle grazing, the thought crosses my mind, "Why do they all stick together and why are they content just...grazing?" Then I glance over at the mediocre fence that contains them and ask, "Why don't they all just bust right through the fence and explore new frontiers?"


One word comes to mind: conditioning. My son periodically holds out a bucket of molasses and says, "Come, come, come, come, come, come. " The cattle dart straight toward the treat. He trains them to follow him by offering a sweet..."treat". But little do they know he is herding them into a corral so he can have them all in one place for tagging and branding, and for just having the pleasure of control. This is called "conditioning."


Then I look at world governments, and I look at the people. And I ask…"Is this a form of conditioning?" They herd you in, feed you a treat and next thing you know...you’re trapped in a corral and you can’t escape!


But then I wondered why cows would even end up in the corral? They are so big that they can bust through most any fence - even barbed wire (though it might be painful for a moment.) Well, there are many reasons why cattle ranchers want to corral them, but the most shocking is preparing them for the slaughter! That's right. The slaughterhouse - where all good fat cows go when they are ready for the kill!


I know why people kill cows; they want to eat them. But why do governments corral people, especially their own?


I pondered, and I thought, and the answer finally came, and boy was it ever shocking!


To discover the answer contact HeavenValleyBelize@gmail.com

And don’t wait too long...it may be too late!

Ways to Make Money From your Land and Home in Belize

 1. Rent out your home or a bedroom

With the rise in international traveling, renting out your home or at least a bedroom has become very popular. Site such as Air B&B and VRBO give you direct access to a new wave of income.


2. Raise Livestock

There are big bucks in cattle, sheep, and goats (and they’re almost hassle-free.) They need grass, water, and of course, a fence.


3. Plant Teak Trees

It’s very affordable, $5-6, to buy a small teak tree and it's very lucrative once they grow to maturity. If you want your kids to be almost guaranteed millionaires, just have them plant a field of teak, and then sit back and wait.


4. Grow Herbs

Depending on the type of herb and how you want to market (generally on the internet) this can be a growing business. Here at Heaven Valley Belize we can grow year-round which gives us the opportunity to produce just about anything we want. Herbs are sought after by buyers from all over the world so all you need is good internet and a way to ship, both of which we have at Heaven Valley.


5. Maintain Self-preservation

This may be last but certainly not least. Your land and home are your safe-haven - your place in times of turmoil. It provides you shelter, food and privacy. This is a big pay-off.

Why Teak?

It's pretty clear that people prize teak wood above your average length of pine or oak. But why is that, exactly? The answer lies in the natural oils and rubber found within teak. Here are some of the reasons we at Heaven Valley Belize choose to invest in growing teak.

1.              Teak can retain its oils and its rubber even after being felled and processed. Because of this, teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than just about any other type of wood. When dried to a proper moisture level -- around 10 percent of its original content -- the oils and rubber weatherproof the wood.

2.              The oils protect the wood from dry rot, which is a common problem in older wooden furniture.

3.              The oils and rubber protect the heart of the wood from invaders like fungi and parasites that can destroy other woods.

(From http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-decor/accessories/teak-wood-furniture1.htm)

4.         With all the concerns for the environmental impact on national forests, much of the tropical world has made it illegal to harvest from these areas.  This will make plantation-grown teak the only other alternative. 


5.         The price of teak does not fluctuate as much as the price of other commodities.  


6.         The teak market is a global commodity market and the price is set globally, determined by global demand.  The demand for teak from up-and-coming countries like India, China and Thailand is strong due to the need for qualified and durable building materials. Based on the historic records of the teak markets there definitely could be the potential of higher future prices.


7. Harvest time can be flexible based on the current market. Once the trees are maturing, cutting could start, but you do not have to harvest if the global markets are down.  After seven years the first thinning of the trees has to occur and after another three to five years, most of the thinning is done and you can let the trees mature.  The lumber from older trees has more quality and size, therefore the increase in price will be relatively faster than in the first ten years. The ultimate value in size and quality of teak will be at the end of 25 years' growth. 


8. Here are some gross production figures per acre in Belize based on a 25-year crop rotation with an expectation of 200 cu meters of teak per acre.  Calculating the above mentioned lower price of $1,200 per cu meter (not the $1,500) the gross production may result in $240,000 per acre of logs.  The net return could be $240,000 less 15% equals $204,000.  These figures do include the thinning of the trees at year 7 and year 14.  In this scenario the original $5,800 will exceed a 15% compounded interest return.


If you are thinking about a good way to pay for the education of your children or grandchildren, growing teak trees would be an excellent choice.

(Based on an article at http://teakfarmer.com/intrototeakproduction.html)