Three Things I’ve Learned from my Years of Purchasing Foreign Real Estate

Throughout my many years of dealing with offshore real estate investing, I've seen it all and I've been through it all. I've had some home runs and I've struck out. However, there are always three things that either gave me amazing success or devastating failure. Three reasons that determine my financial and emotional future. Here they are…

1   Why? Why? And Why?

Just like in our own country, it matters where we buy, whether it's land, a house, an apartment or even commercial. Not just where we buy in the foreign country of your choice or what country we buy in, but "why" we buy is even more important. Many people buy for the wrong reason, or they buy thinking that it's the perfect country and the perfect location.

“It's the beach! It's the forest! It's the quaint little town! Wow!”

But when the honeymoon wears off, buyer’s remorse sets in. That perfect buy becomes a dreadful mistake. But why? Why did the purchase suddenly turn bad?

There are many reasons but there seems to be one common thread woven throughout the unhappy buyers’ experience. Remorseful buyers don't know the simple "why" they bought their offshore real estate. They thought they knew but they never really thought it out. Kind of like meeting that special someone, falling in love "overnight", marrying them the next morning and then finding out "they're not what I thought after all."

2.     How To Buy

 This is another mistake many buyers make when purchasing home or land overseas. They pay cash. Yes. They are "all in" head first. Buyers seem to leave most of their common sense at the border and think they cannot enjoy the same benefits buying real estate in their new country as they could in their mother land. This is a mistake. Try not to pay cash and watch your terms.

3.     What you buy

Ok. What you buy really comes down to why you buy but after you discover the "why" you need to get to the "what." For instance, do you want to live there full time, part time, or just a few weeks out of the year? Do you want income property or just a place to escape to? Maybe you want just an investment and you really don't plan on using it too much?

Answering these three questions can save you a fortune and even increase your fortune. It can save you nights of sleepless hours and days of wasted time.

If you would like to purchase a beautiful home or land and take advantage of our exclusive "try before you buy program" just give us a call. If you do buy, financing is available and credit is not an issue.  Welcome to the ease of Heaven Valley Belize.

See you in Heaven!