Cows, Corrals & Conditioning

As I sit on my deck gazing out on a herd of cattle grazing, the thought crosses my mind, "Why do they all stick together and why are they content just...grazing?" Then I glance over at the mediocre fence that contains them and ask, "Why don't they all just bust right through the fence and explore new frontiers?"


One word comes to mind: conditioning. My son periodically holds out a bucket of molasses and says, "Come, come, come, come, come, come. " The cattle dart straight toward the treat. He trains them to follow him by offering a sweet..."treat". But little do they know he is herding them into a corral so he can have them all in one place for tagging and branding, and for just having the pleasure of control. This is called "conditioning."


Then I look at world governments, and I look at the people. And I ask…"Is this a form of conditioning?" They herd you in, feed you a treat and next thing you’re trapped in a corral and you can’t escape!


But then I wondered why cows would even end up in the corral? They are so big that they can bust through most any fence - even barbed wire (though it might be painful for a moment.) Well, there are many reasons why cattle ranchers want to corral them, but the most shocking is preparing them for the slaughter! That's right. The slaughterhouse - where all good fat cows go when they are ready for the kill!


I know why people kill cows; they want to eat them. But why do governments corral people, especially their own?


I pondered, and I thought, and the answer finally came, and boy was it ever shocking!


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