Daddy Dollar

When my kids were small I would reward them with a Daddy Dollar. This was a little paper I cut up to look like a US Dollar. When they obeyed or did something over and above, I would give them this dollar. When they wanted to cash in they handed it to me and I would give them an ice cream or candy or anything else they wanted. However, as they began to grow older they no longer wanted my Daddy Dollar. Why? Because they said it wasn't real! What they meant was that they could not walk into any store or ice cream parlor and buy an item (at least not without me!) You see, the Daddy Dollar was valuable only if it went through me. They had to exchange their Daddy Dollar for my US Dollar, hand it to the store clerk and ...Shazam! They got their treat!  But as they grew, the day of the Daddy Dollar was over.


Apparently, the majority of US citizens aren't as smart as my children (or they have yet to grow up into an understanding) because the USD is really no more valuable than the Daddy Dollar! Actually, the Daddy Dollar is more valuable than the USD! Why? Because at least the Daddy Dollar is backed by the good faith of Daddy - me! I would never default on my children because I love them and want nothing but the best for them. Unfortunately I don't feel the Federal Reserve has the same love or interest (devotion) in their heart for the citizens of the United States. They have printed so many Federal daddy bucks that when they do hand you a dollar it has little value and what's even worse is the fact the USD is not backed by anything except the good faith of the United States government. Understand that the dollar used to simply be a note, an IOU stating that the US will give you an ounce of gold or a portion thereof for each note, or paper dollar bill. However, in 1971 President Nixon took us off the "gold standard," giving the Federal Reserve the ability to just print money! So, how valuable is the USD? Not very! And it is set up for the biggest crash in history.  However, the things that it can still buy are valuable...and what are those things?

1. Gold and silver

2. Real estate and land

3. Cattle and farms

4. Machinery that will assist in producing food and amenities

5. Guns and ammo


Ok. So what are the three things above that will absolutely not only hold value but increase in value and maintain survival? Of course, gold and silver will increase but if there are no buyers for it, how will it accommodate you? Guns and ammo are important too but what will you do with them if you’re starving and homeless?

Now we come to real estate, land and machinery. These three things are the most important in not only riding out the crash of the dollar but prospering while it does crash! Why? It gives you a place to live, produce food, build and create amenities while others are trying to squeeze food and water out of there 4000 sq. ft. mega-mansion on a postage-stamp lot in midtown Suburbia, in North America.


Now we come to the most important part of this equation, it's important where you buy land. Understand that having a nice comfortable room aboard the titanic is great but you’re still going down with the ship. It's time to build that room on a smaller lifeboat so that when the ship sinks, you and your loved ones don't go down with it.


Belize, the small coastal Caribbean country of 350,000 located north of Honduras, south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. It's English-speaking, safe and operates under English law. It has solid banking and you can still live a good quality life- affordably!


Heaven Valley Belize

One hundred acres of beautiful paradise waiting for you! Build a house or buy one of our new homes; buy land and have a gentleman’s ranch with animals and gardens. And all without the need of having to be there full-time if you choose because we will take care of things for you.