Ways to Make Money From your Land and Home in Belize

 1. Rent out your home or a bedroom

With the rise in international traveling, renting out your home or at least a bedroom has become very popular. Site such as Air B&B and VRBO give you direct access to a new wave of income.


2. Raise Livestock

There are big bucks in cattle, sheep, and goats (and they’re almost hassle-free.) They need grass, water, and of course, a fence.


3. Plant Teak Trees

It’s very affordable, $5-6, to buy a small teak tree and it's very lucrative once they grow to maturity. If you want your kids to be almost guaranteed millionaires, just have them plant a field of teak, and then sit back and wait.


4. Grow Herbs

Depending on the type of herb and how you want to market (generally on the internet) this can be a growing business. Here at Heaven Valley Belize we can grow year-round which gives us the opportunity to produce just about anything we want. Herbs are sought after by buyers from all over the world so all you need is good internet and a way to ship, both of which we have at Heaven Valley.


5. Maintain Self-preservation

This may be last but certainly not least. Your land and home are your safe-haven - your place in times of turmoil. It provides you shelter, food and privacy. This is a big pay-off.