What’s Better than Buying a Brand New Home?

In America we have been conditioned that a house must be built on a permanent foundation and must never be moved. I'm not speaking of mobile or manufactured housing, I'm talking about "stick-built homes." Yes, regular homes built as well as (or better) than most homes on a permanent foundation. The only difference is…they can be moved.


So if you don't like where the house sits or you want to live in a more expensive or inexpensive area, just have it moved. And here’s the best part: it's affordable. The fee to move a home under 1600 sq. ft. is between $1000 and$2000 USD.


Let’s say you finally found the house of your dreams, but you envision it on a beautiful hillside, or on the ocean, or in the city. Great - you have options! At Heaven Valley Belize we give you just that – options. We have a variety of custom homes made of unique local hardwoods with state of the art appliances and amenities. They are modern, spacious and beautiful. And best of all, they are completely move-able. You've spent most of your life with people telling you what you can and cannot do, so now it's time to do what you want to do. It's called...options. Buy, or lease. Finance, or pay cash. Live in it, or just invest in it and make rental income. We have 90+ acres of beautiful lots waiting for you to explore your options.