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Find your freedom in a brand new tropical

home with mountains, jungle, and a creek

For Sale

Tropical lodge home for sale - $169,000 USD with owner financing available.

Escape to Belize in a brand new, modern rustic home

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  • 6 lush acres with a creek, a pond, jungle, farmland, hiking and much more
  • Owner financing available
  • 840 square feet
  • Safe & family-friendly community
  • 1.5 hour flight from the US
  • English-speaking


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Escape to Belize in a brand new tropical home on 6 acres with your own creek, a pond, and adventurous jungle. Imagine this: you wake up to a cool and refreshing breeze, walk out on your deck and overlook vibrant jungle with monkeys and other wildlife. You then gaze upon a rushing creek in the distance flowing next to a pond of your own. This can be your reality.

The property sits on 6 lush acres with a creek, a pond, jungle, farmland, hiking and much more. The building is 84 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and two porches.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belize is two thirds of what you would spend in Bermuda or the Bahamas, the highly popular resort areas of the Caribbean. A U.S. couple can live well for $2,000 a month, including rent, in Corozal, the Cayo, and Toledo Districts.

Great Deals

For a Caribbean destination, real estate prices are still reasonable. You can buy a three-bedroom home with 6 acres, your own bond, and a walk to the beach for only $179,000.

Retiree Beneifits

Belize offers retirees many benefits through the Qualified Retirement Persons Program (QRP). Among the benefits are the ability to bring personal goods to Belize tax-free—including a vehicle, boat, and plane—and paying no tax on any foreign-earned income.

Close By

You are never too far away from your loved ones! It takes only two hours to fly to Belize from the U.S., with regular flights from Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.

Tropical Breeze

Because of Belize’s tropical climate, the temperature rarely drops below 70 F, so there’s never a need to worry about heating costs or shoveling snow.

English Speaking

Belize is the only official English-speaking country in Central America, with much of the population speaking perfect English.

Exotic Scenery

Belize is one of the world’s most beautiful, ecologically diverse countries. From the world’s second largest barrier reef, over 200 offshore cayes, and the famous Blue Hole, to exotic jungles, rivers, and magnificent Maya ruins, Belize offers expats a multitude of ways to enjoy its spectacular outdoor environment.

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